World’s only NDI®-native Live Production in the Cloud – for simple and advanced workflows

Vizrt Live Production in the cloud is fast, reliable, repeatable, and real – built on award-winning, tried and true products from the established leader in broadcast production software.

Join the Vizrt Live Production success team in this 30-minute demo as they showcase how Vizrt Live Production Solution can help you simplify and enhance your live production.

What you will learn

  • Easy deployment to AWS, Azure and Google
  • Drive the best possible production, with your team anywhere and sources everywhere
  • End-to-end live production system from source to delivery – in the cloud
  • Format and resolution independent
  • Transmit video, audio and data over NDI® – end to end
  • Audio over IP integration with digital audio systems

Vizrt Live Production is the first production system in the world to fully exploit all the latest NDI® capabilities, with the ability to bring in any camera with a browser as a source, from anywhere in the world.

By combining award-winning products Viz Vectar Plus, Viz Engine, Viz Trio, and Viz Mosart into a single, fast, cloud-deployable solution, Vizrt brings best of breed performance in switching, real-time graphics, video, and production automation to where customers need them – in the cloud, remotely, locally or any hybrid.

Vizrt Cloud Live Production means:

  • Simple and fast production set up
  • Reduced equipment requirements
  • Flexible Production – any source, from any location, with your team working from anywhere
  • Uncompromised quality – easy creation of world-class production

Access the entire suite of award-winning Live Production and Production Control solutions at a fraction of the upfront costs with Vizrt Flexible Access.

We enhance your efficiency with our easy to use tools.

Take your production to the next level with the right solutions.