Software driven live digital media production with powerful studio automation

Remove the traditional boundaries of media production, strip complexity from production workflows, and provide a consistent quality look to visual storytelling on more platforms.

Key features of Viz Verdi

  • Switching, effects, compositing and I/O
  • Sharing automation templates
  • SMPTE 2110, NDI and SDI I/O up to UHD
  • Format, aspect ratio, and frame rate independence
  • Reduces complexity and on-air errors
  • Integrates with other Vizrt products
  • Control 3rd-party equipment to fit any studio
  • Light form factor, simple to deploy and support
  • Complete NRCS integration for journalist input
  • Run complex shows with a single operator

Viz Verdi is a complete studio automation system for news, sports, and magazine shows that has minimal space requirements.

The cost-effective system fits into today’s complex production environments while standing ready to support the transition to IP.

Remote production from home with Viz Verdi.

Viz Verdi, one of our newest automation tools, is completely software based and fully IP. It allows you to produce a live story, automate the whole rundown, minimize on air-errors, and stream them live on any social media platform.

  • Content FocusedUsing studio automation for consistent high-quality output
  • IP NativeHarnessing the power of software, computing, and networks
  • Versatile I/OEnhancing creativity by simplifying production complexity

Flexible Control

Take input from newsroom computer systems and control all connected systems and devices. Significantly simplify operations through the creation of reusable and flexible automation templates. Enable operators to make live changes on the fly for breaking news using the system’s advanced shortcut functionalities and efficient rundown modification tools.

Newsroom Integration

Choose from all major suppliers to integrate and upgrade components into newsroom operations through compatibility with News Room Control Systems (NRCS)

Production Capabilities

Assign story elements such as cameras, clips, and graphics to buttons for quick and easy access. Store clips and graphical elements in a pool, ready for immediate execution on demand by operators. Connect multiple interfaces to a rundown at the same time to permit seamlessly taking over a live show at the push of a button.

Multiplatform Delivery

Generate content for use online and on-air with live versioning workflows. Deliver content to multiple destinations including websites and social media platforms in resolutions up to UHD using configurable streaming encoders. Use internal recording and social media streaming to reduce workflow complexity and the need for external devices.

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  • 1.In the newsroom create the rundown in the NRCS with graphics, video and automation.
  • 2.Viz Verdi mixes live video sources with graphics, video and audio.
  • 3.Multiple multi viewer outputs on SDI, NDI and SMPTE 2110 simultaneously.

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