Viz Arena

Product and maintenance updates

7 Nov 2020

Viz Arena 4.10.2

7 November, 2021: This is a maintenance release with imrpovments and minor bugf ixes: support for NVIDIA RTX graphics cards (RZT-5704). Installation files, notes and driver requirements are available for download on the FTP site.

Viz Arena 4.10.1

26 September, 2021: This is a maintenance release with some improvements and bug fixes: In Viz Arena Administrator, the System Configuration Dialog contains the setting ‘Viz Engine GUI’, which includes the option to start the Viz Engine without GUI. This is required when using an OEM license; added Viz Engine configuration files for Matrox X.mio3 card; added a warning to inform the user in case no GenLock is connected to the video card, or when the GenLock has the wrong form. Installation files and release notes can be found on the FTP site.

Viz Arena 4.10

30 April, 2021: The latest version of Vizrt’s virtual advertisement system allows you to apply virtual graphics onto any random sport event, in real-time. The new release brings along further improvements to the camera tracking, chroma keying and an automatic overlay mask detection will extend Viz Arena’s downstream capabilities.

Viz Arena is now part of Vizrt Extended Reality Suite

Delivering fan and audience engagement is highly effective way to differentiate your brand and drive value and the demand from viewers for broadcasters to create graphics and on-screen analysis of live clips to tell stories more simply, clearly, and quickly, is constantly growing. Video is the most powerful storytelling tool in history – and virtual, augmented and mixed reality are the sharp end of that tool. The Vizrt XR Suite allows broadcasters to extend the visualization of their stories on to any surface or video wall, turning a set, stadium or any other outdoor location into a blank canvas to tell complex stories in a beautifully simple and powerful way.


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