Viz Libero Video Formats Illustration

Viz Arena 5

Winning every match with a perfect viewing experience

With this release, Viz Arena enters the unified IO platform, Vizrt’s backbone for future sports developments. It has now full access to the unmatched real-time performance and the latest advancements of Viz Engine®.

Completing this integration builds a consistent and robust base for easy, flexible and reliable production integrations and supports all the latest high-resolution and IP video formats.

High-resolution video formats for the best live graphics

Augmented Reality and live virtual enhancements greatly benefit from the precision of high-resolution video formats, resulting in more realistic graphics. More and more national and international sports events are produced in high-resolution formats like UHD or HDR. Viz Arena embraces these advancements in their native formats and workflows to create visually engaging, data-driven graphics and additional content of the same high-end quality.

With IP based video formats, the doors are wide open for virtualized and more remote production workflows for Viz Arena, allowing absolute flexibility and mitigating physical limitations like infrastructure dependencies or budget restrictions.

Flexible playout choice with new Fill & Key Output

A new video output option offers a flexible selection of playout – fill & key or a composited video signal – for specific production workflows. The output can be added directly on top of the program feed to the mixer as a separate source, which benefits workflows and output quality of high-class productions.

New certified hardware for mobile productions

Hardware for Viz Arena is now consistent with regular Engine hardware, and following our customers’ feedback, the Dell R7920 has been certified. Its smaller dimensions (2 Rack Units) make it suitable for mobile productions and are already successfully used by some customers.

Easy installation with One-Click Installer

Like most other Vizrt solutions and products, Viz Arena can now be installed with just one click. This concept simplifies installation and enables a straightforward process when starting the control application by directly launching all other required applications in the background with the correct configuration files.

Other improvements include:

  • Supporting audio throughput for new video formats (1080p & UHD) and sound effects associated with graphic elements are now embedded into the live output video signal on SDI and IP workflows
  • Support for EVX LinX protocol
  • Migration to dongle free licensing

Installation Files and Release Notes
Active customers can download the installation files, release notes and driver requirements from the FTP server: at /products/Viz Arena