Wochit analyzes breaking news, automatically gathering video and images and embedding graphics then generates videos that can be used online and on-air.

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Wochit, a platform that enables media publishers to access or generate high quality video content based on trending stories and news, has integrated into their platform a variety of Vizrt products as part of their video creation process. The platform has the ability to generate a massive amount of broadcast quality videos in a cost effective way by automating almost every step of the content creation process. 

“If you imagine that there’s 10 steps to creating a video, we’ve automated eight of them, and we have human beings do parts of the video creation that are most important. One is doing the voice-over, and the other is doing quality control,” says CEO Keith McAllister.

The platform analyzes breaking news, automatically gathering assets such as video and images from some of the largest content companies including Reuters and Getty as well as embedding graphics and maps, automatically generating videos that can be used online and on-air. In order to ensure content quality, a moderator approves the gathered assets and to give it the human touch, a professional narrator is used to create the voice over.

Once a story is approved in their system, Viz Engine is used to automatically render the final video. Everything is done on the fly creating a timeline that combines all the different assets gathered including videos, images and audio. A variety of graphic templates, created using Viz Artist, such as full-screens graphics, lower thirds and maps created with Viz World, are used to create broadcast quality graphics.

Part of the platform’s process of analyzing a story is recognizing where the story is taking place. Wochit’s platform has integrated with Viz World giving them the ability to include high quality 3D animated branded maps into the stories. By providing Viz World with a location such as a city, region or country, Viz World generates and delivers a preview of the map and then moderators decide if a map is relevant to the story. If selected, a 3D animated map is generated and included in the final video. 

Once the videos are created publishers and broadcasters access a library of videos that are generated based on trending news and stories from all around the world such as breaking news, finance or entertainment. They also have the option of having a 100% white label solution giving them the ability to use their own stories and graphics, allowing access to publishers and broadcasters of all sizes with broadcast quality video content at minimal cost. 

The Vizrt Social TV Solution has integrated with Wochit’s entire library of videos allowing broadcasters to access and browse broadcast quality video content and combine it with real-time social media from any source such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, creating the unique ability to quickly combine and moderate broadcast quality videos and real-time user generated content then sending it to air and online.

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