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Paulo Santos, Senior Cloud Architect at Vizrt

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Raising the standard of news production

With so many news outlets competing, how does a news organization stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves? Building a strong news brand means raising the standard of production beyond what the competition is doing. Whether that means getting content to air faster, achieving consistency of production, publishing to all platforms first, or creating eye-grabbing graphics.


News workflows… simplified

Raising the quality of production without raising budgets means working more efficiently. Whether it be end-to-end video workflows, on-air graphics pipelines, executing a flawless studio show, or publishing to multiple outlets – efficient workflow is the key to generating higher quality content and differentiating your news product from the competition.

Vizrt solutions for media asset management (MAM), template-based graphics in the newsroom, and browser-based video editing are helping many news organizations streamline their video and graphics workflows from ingest to playout and publishing. Vizrt’s unique Meta-graphics workflow allows the entire newsroom to work with the same high-quality Vizrt templated graphics from producer to journalist to editor to social media desk – all with real-time previews, right at their desktop or on their favorite non-linear editor.

Create an online version with alternative branding? No problem! It’s just another output destination and graphics template set. The user simply hits the publish button and the system creates and sends all the correct versions with the corresponding graphics, sized to the appropriate aspect ratio, to the right location at the right time.

Vizrt’s graphics tools allow media companies to visualize a wide variety of data including weather, election data, sports, financial, and database content. The data can be integrated into any graphic visualization including video walls, touchscreens, virtual sets, AR graphics and even lower 3rds.

Workflow simplified.

Because the graphics are not immediately burned in, changes can be made up until the last minute. In addition, different output templates can be used to generate various aspect ratio outputs with a variety of sized graphic templates and even completely different branding for each individual output.

Once the show is ready to air, Vizrt’s Viz Mosart studio automation can enable complex studio productions to be executed flawlessly with fewer staff. Once the show goes live into production, Viz Mosart and the Viz One MAM system collaborate to automatically create individual clips from the live show that can be automatically published out to the website or to social media.

These are just a few examples of the numerous ways that Vizrt’s news solutions are designed to deliver superior ROI through simplified workflow.

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