The definitive manager for production workflows

Viz One is a centralized and scalable platform to ingest, manage, edit, and deliver content effortlessly and cost-effectively.

  • 01Consolidate your media operations
  • 02Comprehensive feature set
  • 03Open platform
  • Find media easily
  • Move media automatically
  • Keep media organized
  • Control media rights
  • Integrate easily with systems
  • Track production
  • Easily extend storage
  • Built-in proxy editing
  • Customize metadata and workflows
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency
  • Manage millions of files
  • Host on-premise or as hybrid cloud

Software Defined Visual Storytelling

As a software defined platform, Viz One includes a comprehensive feature set that easily connects with Vizrt and third-party applications and enables your creative teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively to produce content faster within a unified environment. 

Consolidate your media operations

Viz One links previously discrete tasks such as ingest, editing, content management, branding and multi-channel delivery into seamless workflows that remove complexity, reduce the time needed to complete processes, minimize the incidence of error, and lower operating costs. Viz One is the only platform you’ll need to run your entire media organization, because it offers you a unified solution to consolidate all your media operations.

Comprehensive feature set

From a single clip store managing video and stills for playout, to a large enterprise system running on hundreds of servers handling news, archive, sports, program, promo, and online workflows. Viz One provides ingest, transcoding, editing, logging, content management, metadata, audit-trails, reporting, and much more.

Open platform

With open APIs for simplified integration with other applications and a powerful programming language insures that Viz One will fit into your existing operations. By tightly integrating Viz One with other Vizrt and third-party software, such as Viz Story and Adobe Premiere Pro, you can be sure your teams will work more efficiently and produce content faster within one powerful and flexible solution.

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Creating new content now that live sports have been suspended.

VizrTV and SVG: Interview with Mike Raimondo of the PGA Tour

Vizrt partner SVG interviews Mike Raimondo, Senior Director, MAM & Broadcast Innovation, from the PGA Tour to find out how the PGA Tour is leveraging their vast archive footage, built on Viz One, to create new content now that live sports have been suspended.

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Viz One 7.2.0 is now officially released.

July 23, 2021: This is a minor release of Viz One, which ships with Studio 7.1.0, Adobe Assistant 2.3 and Coder 3.3. Highlights include: Search indexing and performance enhancements, Audio level meters in Viz Studio and a new highlights creation tool. In total, there are over 80 additional features, improvements and bug fixes. Read the release article below to find out more. The installers and release notes can be downloaded from the Vizrt FTP site.