TriCaster® Mini Go


TriCaster® Mini Go is the perfect solution for schools and educators everywhere. From budding podcasters or content creators taking the first steps on their live production journey or streaming content from classrooms or auditoriums to learners anywhere in the world; TriCaster Mini Go is your go-to live production solution.

From classrooms to careers; TriCaster Mini Go offers invaluable practical experience for students, particularly those interested in media production, broadcasting, and technology including areas such as:

  • Live Event Coverage
  • Multicamera Production
  • Live production innovations in action
  • Understanding of Industry Standards
  • And much more…

Why is TriCaster Mini Go the best choice?

It’s Simple | Perfect for those without a video production background but with all the features you have come to expect from a TriCaster.

It’s Skillful | Small but mighty, the Mini Go may fit onto a desktop but packs the punch of the most complete live production solution available.

It’s Scalable | Ideal for small, simple productions with your existing devices through to more complex set-ups with remote participants – TriCaster Mini Go grows with you.

  • Advanced graphics capabilities using Live Link
  • Offers USB or NDI® Connectivity
  • Support for great quality 1080/60p video
  • Offers 4 inputs, 2 MEs, 2 Layers and 2 Keyers
  • Compatible with all major streaming platforms.
  • Real-time social media publishing
  • Support for additional operators using a unique LivePanel feature

Learn how TriCaster Mini Go could be the perfect live production solution, an entry point for your students and your school, college, or university, fostering creativity, and collaborative learning.  Get Expert Advice from our local partners.

Learn how TriCaster Mini Go could be the perfect live production solution