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How the Bundesliga automates stat-driven replays with Vizrt: On Demand Presentation by AWS

Data is everywhere, and the possibilities of what to do with it and how to process it is only growing. But how can the data be visualized?

AWS and its long-time partner Bundesliga have been working on just that – with data-driven segmentation (DDS). DDS is a solution that allows clubs, leagues, and broadcasters to merge data streams with broadcast footage and produce high-quality clips with graphical elements that highlight exceptional player behavior.

All is enhanced by Vizrt’s Viz Arena, the leading image-based AR graphics and virtual advertising solution designed to keep fans engaged, sponsors satisfied, and costs low.

In this presentation, Senior Media Cloud Architect at AWS, Luke Potter, explains how the DDS solution allows the Bundesliga to define stories – including ‘Unlikely Goals’ –, that are automatically clipped, rendered, and pushed back to the production team. The popular ‘Match Facts’ bring on a new kind of football intelligence: AWS artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, compute database, and storage services are used by Bundesliga to deliver real-time statistics, improving insights into the game’s strategy and results.

Enhanced by Viz Arena in the Cloud

This is the first time Viz Arena was used in the cloud. Powered by Viz Engine 5 – Vizrt’s powerful real-time live 3D graphics renderer and compositor – and supported by NDI® In/NDI® Out capability, Viz Arena can be deployed in the cloud, as well as on-premises, so the choice of selecting the optimal production workflow that’s right for each live production is always there.

In this specific Bundesliga use case, where the objective is to automate stats-driven replays, Viz Arena is being used in conjunction with AWS Elemental MediaConnect to automate the tracking, analysis graphics creation, and replay during the football match – all in the cloud.

Cloud certification also means that Viz Arena is the latest live production solution to be added to Viz Now, Vizrt’s award-winning free-to-use automated deployment tool that breaks down the barriers to cloud. Viz Now enables easy deployment to the cloud of 4K switching, overlay graphics, audio mixing, intercom – and, with the latest release of Viz Arena, AR graphics, including virtual ads, efficiently and in under 15 minutes at the click of a button.

The future of virtual live production

At AWS, Luke Potter focuses on virtual live production solutions for broadcasters around the world by combining the latest broadcast technologies with the power and scalability of the cloud, which results in increased agility for customers. Luke brings with him over 15+ years of industry experience, now leading creative and technical teams across the live broadcast, film and advertising worlds.

He presents the session ‘Data-driven segmentation: How Bundesliga automates stat-driven replays enhanced by Vizrt’, where you can discover how the clips are produced completely in the cloud and fully automated without the involvement of a single operator, allowing virtually any organization to scale data-driven stories across any number of games.