Channel Recorder 1.2.1

This is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes. It is recommended for new installations and as an update for existing installations.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3


VizCapture support

  • Double frame when using RECORD START [timecode]
  • Not being able to do batch recording due to new behavior when using RECORD CLIP
  • InclusiveOut
  • For drop frame and interlaced the minimum timecode for frame is 02 not 04

Better error handling / recovery / messages

Upgrading Notes

  • Old version of Channel Recorder (1.x) should be uninstalled before installing this version.
  • All services registered using the old version should be also removed manually.
  • Upgrading from 1.0 or 1.1 is covered in the documentation.

See the full release notes available at