Graphic Hub 3.4.0

This is a minor release that contains many new features.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Summary of most important changes and additions:
New features:

  • Pilot Schema 8.4
  • EXR/HDR file support and import capabilities
  • Pilot Edge/Template Builder extensions to Graphic Hub/Graphic Hub REST
  • Windows Server 2019 Support
  • New image compression options (introduced by Viz Engine)
  • Support for new Viz Engine 4 object types
  • Preservation of modification dates on archive imports.


  • Graphic Hub: Improvements related to e-mail notifications and journal backup operations.
  • Graphic Hub REST: STOMP heart-beat message support
  • Graphic Hub REST: Full reverse proxy configuration capabilities


  • Graphic Hub/Graphic Hub REST: Important stability and performance improvements related to Pilot Data storage.
  • Graphic Hub/Graphic Hub REST: Important performance and stability improvements related to search operations.
  • Several small fixes and stability improvements.

Further information and release notes are available on the Vizrt FTP in /products/VizGraphicHub