Graphics Hub 3.8.0

Easy, intelligent Unreal project management

Graphics Hub 3.8 –Easy, intelligent Unreal project management

Vizrt’s Graphic Hub saves time and streamlines workflows through easy Unreal Engine project management and live sync, and a revamped, access-anywhere image library.

The new release of Graphic Hub, Vizrt’s graphics asset management tool, brings two powerful benefits to users: a straightforward, web-based Image Library to find and use assets in templates and designs, and a simple and fast Unreal Engine project management workflow to centralise and easily access your UE projects. These new capabilities will reduce time spent, budget, resources deployed and complexity for the user and offer a much simpler installation process and web-accessibility.

Graphics Hub 3.8 – Image Library

The ground-breaking integration with Unreal Engine 5 sets new benchmarks for ease of use, performance and storage. With a simple drag and drop, any Unreal Engine project folder can be saved and archived with the file-collection function from Viz Artist directly into Graphic Hub. This allows for the entire Unreal Engine folder to be stored as a scene collection and as such connected to the corresponding Viz scene. Once the Unreal Engine is stored in Graphic Hub, any changes that are made within the Unreal Engine editor, can be saved and synced back to the original project with a simple click of a button. This enables for the designing and sharing to be secure and, collaborative and efficient. What’s more, when the scene is ready to go on-air, there is no need of any physical export and import to the playout machine. The operator can simply find the scene in Graphic Hub and load it on their playout client, such as Viz Arc, within seconds. It is a quick and straightforward process of deploying scenes with Unreal content that is currently only achievable via the Viz Engine 5 and Unreal Engine integration.

Viz Minute: Managing still image assets using the Image Library module for Graphics Hub

The new Image Library extension is Vizrt’s own database solution for managing still images. It doesn’t require any 3rd party licenses. The Image Library significantly solves three known challenges: installation, housekeeping, and playout latency.

Previously, the 3rd party image database installation was a time-consuming, complex and costly process where a skilled IT manager would need to set up the solution, and in addition install a playout client on each machine. With the new Image Library extension, any user can set up access to the image database without the need of expert knowledge, additional licenses nor the requirement for installing extra playout clients, which will significantly reduce budgets and save time. The Image Library is a web-based extension that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Also, the new Image Library extension enables high-speed image work including ingesting, cropping, editing or adding metadata, and searching, all from one single web-based interface. Importing from the old image database to the new Image Library extension is done via a quick drag-and-drop method. This provides a great opportunity to clean up your current image asset collection for archiving and sorting out their metadata.

Before, the 3rd party database allowed for images to be stored in non-native Viz Engine file, which contributed to latency issues; the playout process could be slowed down as conversion took priority over on-air playout. The Image Library extension solves this problem as every still image once ingested or imported will be stored in the Viz Engine native file format. This will reduce latency, streamline the playout process and enable faster rendering of real-time graphics.