Tracking Hub and Studio Manager 1.2.0

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Tracking Hub and Studio Manager.

Tracking Hub

This is a feature release for the Tracking Hub and Studio Manager and in this release we have added several features to improve the setup, including a new CYC editor, field accurate router switching using GPI and a new tracking flow analyser. Several new tracking vendors are also supported in this release.

Please note that from this version we have re-introduced the license check for number of cameras.


  • New CYC editor           
  • Spidercam FrameB support  
  • Rotation order independent Camera Rigs  
  • Crane support
  • Field accurate router switching with gpi triggers
  • Support for multiple Motion Analysis tracking systems  
  • Kromanov protocol implementation  
  • MoSys lens data implementation
  • Telemetrics protocol implementation  
  • Kuper protocol implementation   
  • Improved Zoom and Focus interpolation    
  • 64 Bit version  
  • Rig structure can be folded          
  • WIBU per camera licensing          
  • New optional centershift handling 
  • New handle system in 3D View 
  • Improved post handling for several tracking systems
  • New tracking flow analyser

For a full overview of new features and fixed issues, please refer to the release notes on the FTP.

Installation Files and Documentation

Download the release notes and installation files from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizTrackingHub/Latest Individual Installers folder.