Viz World Database 17.0.2

This release contains updates to the disputed regions file.


After installation of the database, please also download and update the Disputed Regions file.

Bug Fixes

  • Maps provided by collinsbartholomew have a non-existing lake  
  • Inaccuracies in Bartholomew DB  
  • Default Disputed Region Hala’ib (Egypt-Sudan) is wrong  
  • Bahrain county not being presented properly

Notes from our data provider for this version

  • Polygons representing seas and oceans have been removed 
  • There are two TwnP points for Jerusalem – one for Israel (Jerusalem/Yerushalayim) and one for West Bank (Jerusalem/El Quds)
  • The border between Algeria and Morocco/Western Sahara is now a fixed  international boundary, not disputed 
  • The border between the West Bank and Jordan is now a fixed international  boundary, not disputed
  • The polygon representing the Trans-Karakoram Tract has been given ADM1_CODE =   1185678, ADM1 = ‘China occupied Kashmir (N)’
  • An alternative ceasefire line has been drawn in Kashmir to the Chinese border
  • “New Taipei” county in Taiwan (LinkID 1114649) has been renamed ‘New Taipei  City’ in AdmA ADM1 and TwnP ADM1 attributes

Read the full release notes on the Vizrt ftp for more information. Please follow Products> Viz World> Latest Version> Database