Viz Vectar Plus 1.2 release notes image

Viz Vectar Plus 1.2

4K software switching, optimized for mission-critical cloud, remote, and decentralized productions

“This update puts more power at the operator’s fingertips. Alpha Channel Outputs mean users can output the Matte & Fill of their graphic sources, macros have become more powerful with their ability to nest variables, and we’ve added the ability for LivePanel Builder to be customized in the user’s workspace, allowing Technical Directors to easily execute complex productions”

Jon Raidel
Global Center of Excellence Lead for Live Production at Vizrt

What’s new in this release?

Increased audio inputs, clearer guest audio, native support for NDI® 5 and NDI® Bridge, and easier interoperability with the wider Vizrt ecosystem makes Viz Vectar Plus the beating heart of any quality cloud-based live production.

Gain more control and flexibility than ever before

  • An increase to 44 audio channel inputs – matching the existing 44 channels of NDI video inputs – ensures Viz Vectar Plus offers the largest input scale for cloud-ready vision mixing available on the market
  • Dynamic and powerful macros capabilities also allow operators to deliver complex productions effortlessly
  • The introduction of NDI Genlock guarantees consistent timing between cameras
  • Live Call Connect allows producers to bring in remote contributors from a wide range of communication applications (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc.)
  • Alpha Channels can now be sent through one of the MIX outs bringing post-production closer to live
  • Powerful built-in web streaming capabilities support a choice of connection types, resolutions, and providers
  • Simultaneous encoding of three channels in anything from HD to UHD is now possible for greater flexibility

Create more interesting content with native NDI

As an NDI-native system, Viz Vectar Plus uncomplicates the ability to create engaging content from anywhere by incorporating millions of audio and video sources.

  • Mix-minus selection in Live Call Connect makes it even easier to integrate popular video communication applications as video inputs
  • Integration with NDI® Remote turns any mobile device into a live production camera for unparalleled production flexibility
  • Support for NDI® Bridge means sources can be securely shared between local, remote or cloud sites, anywhere in the world, allowing live production teams to stay native in NDI, end-to-end, further reducing complexity, cost, and latency across any distance and with any applications
  • Native support for the latest version of NDI|HX for better video and reduced latency while requiring far less bandwidth than is required for full NDI, enabling the use of broadcast-quality low-latency streams while maintaining visually lossless performance

Achieve better live audio

  • Mitigate the risk of poor remote audio quality with Viz Vectar Plus’s Neural Voice Isolation
  • Powered by Viz AI, Neural Voice Isolation uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect voices and clean the audio so that remote callers can be clearly heard in loud environments

Smoother cloud deployment

Viz Vectar Plus has completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review, authenticating and guaranteeing the suitability of Vizrt’s Live Production Solution, with Viz Vectar Plus at its core, for cloud-based deployments.

Viz Vectar Plus 1.2 was released on the 19th April 2022, containing all the above updates and various other improvements and bug fixes. For the full release notes and other documentation please visit the Vizrt documentation site, and visit the Vizrt FTP site to download the latest release.