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Dot Connector specializes in real-time information visualization using Viz Engine. Led by a team of passionate and talented artists and professionals, Dot Connector delivers innovative and dynamic animations to help bring their client’s visions to life. With a track record of creating engaging and original animations through a combination of traditional techniques and modern technologies. They are primarily known for delivering complex, integrated Vizrt solutions for live events, elections, sports, and entertainment performances for customers such as CNN, CBS, NBC, TV2, Tencent, Star TV, Hu nan TV, and many more.


Viz Trio, Viz Arc and Viz Multiplay

Photo Realistic Virtual Studio

Viz Virtual Studio, Viz Arc, Viz Engine 4, and Vizrt Unreal integration.

Augmented Reality

Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Arc

TV Channel Branding

Viz Trio, Viz Pilot Director, and Viz Engine

Mix Reality

Viz Engine and Viz Arc

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