stYpe provides camera tracking equipment for augmented reality and virtual studio applications.

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stYpe has two main products: StypeKit, and RedSpy.

About RedSpy

RedSpy is new product from stYpe’s workshop. RedSpy is high performance, low-cost optical tracking solution that can be used on any camera, regardless of is it used on pedestal, dolly, crane or handheld.

RedSpy is mostly used in indoor environments on the events such as BBC Parliament electionsNovaTV Parliament elections, game shows, but it can also be used outside on OB events without performance degradation if reflective markers are put on a floor.

You can learn more about RedSpy on this link:

About StypeKit

StypeKit is stYpe’s flagship product by which stYpe gained world popularity as one of the most reliable companies for providing camera tracking equipment. StypeKit it stYpe’s most commonly used camera crane tracking solution around the world.

Read more about StypeKit here: link:

StypeKit and Vizrt work together to empower Fox Sports AustraliaBBCNovaTVRiotmany other broadcasters world-wide.

About stYpe

stYpe provides camera tracking hardware, software and integration for real-time augmented reality and virtual studio broadcasting. Our flagship product, the StypeKit (system for tracking the camera position in 3D space), is currently being used by industry’s leading-edge broadcasters such as Fox Sports Australia, the BBC, Viasat Sport and many others. stYpe is able to provide turnkey solutions for clients looking to spice up their broadcasts with real-time 3D graphics, sports analysis and much more!

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