Viz Opus Brings Modern Visual Look to Kurdistan’s Rudaw TV

Rudaw Media Network choses Viz Opus as their primary broadcast control system.

Opus-Rudaw-Suly Studios

Bergen, Norway, 2nd June 2020—Vizrt, the world’s leading provider of software-defined visual storytelling (#SDVS) tools for media content creators, today announced that Rudaw Media Network based in Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, has chosen Viz Opus as their primary broadcast control system. Viz Opus provides a complete newscast automation system, including audio mixing, real-time graphics, and video playout in a single solution needing only external inputs, graphics and video content to start producing great content with a minimum of people.  

Rudaw has correspondents in various parts of the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. A broad network of reporters producing objective and reliable coverage during the fight against ISIS has made Rudaw a reliable source of information for audiences across the globe. Currently, Rudaw is the main source of news and information from the region for all major international news networks and agencies such as ENEX, AP and AFP.

“The Viz Opus automation system has taken our live news production to a different level. Our newly built spectacular Suly studios are live on air with only two people in the control room maintaining the same level of flexibility we need for our rapidly changing news environment. We have designed a complex yet totally reliable system so that Avid Interplay solutions are in total sync with Viz Opus automation system remotely,” said Hejar Berenji, CTO for Rudaw Media Network.

“Rudaw is a great example of high-level visual storytelling produced by passionate and expert journalists with a minimum of cost and people. Their stories are seen around the world and are now easier to produce with higher quality made possible by our Viz Opus automation tool,” says Zayed Alhammori, Excellence Manager for Vizrt Middle East and Africa.

The project was completed with assistance from system integrator Ateksis.