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The software-based live production director

Viz Vectar Plus solves today’s production challenges and tomorrow’s changing demands as future-ready software forming the hub of connected digital media production ecosystems. The system can be deployed in different ways depending on organizational needs. As a software-based live production system, Viz Vectar Plus enables broadcast and media organizations to quickly adopt an IT and IP friendly solution as a software plan. 

Format Flexibility 
Viz Vectar Plus has the flexibility to switch, mix, and actualize any type of live production with robust multi-format processing and per-channel frame synchronizers for effortless intermixing.

IP Foundation 
Viz Vectar Plus employs standard computing and network infrastructures with IP connectivity to achieve instant access to, and seamless interchange with essentially unlimited IP sources from anywhere across the network in real time.

Comprehensive Production 
Viz Vectar Plus provides multi-source live video mixing of up 44 source channels, each supporting key and fill and multi-destination delivery including eight HD mix outputs over IP. 

Versatile Operation 
Use software-based control panels and operate Viz Vectar Plus systems from any compatible desktop or mobile device—remotely anywhere on the network even in virtual environments. 

Viz Vectar Plus

Check out all that Viz Vectar Plus has to offer and experience the new wave of collaborative, networked production.

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