The only worthwhile graphics workflow is one you can rely on to deliver

In Vizrt’s XR Set you get all the virtual graphics you will ever need, in the industry’s most reliable workflow. Use Unreal Engine®, Viz Engine® or any combination you need to tell stunning stories with virtual graphics, with one unified, complete control interface to perfect all aspects of your virtual setup and execution.

In this demo you will find out how you can leverage the only graphics workflow you will ever need.

The best of all worlds!

Our demo experts show how you can choose the render blade you want to deliver your best graphics:

  • Viz Engine Renderer, the specialist broadcast render blade, giving access to PBR (physical-based rendering) for outstanding results and performance
  • Unreal Engine to seamlessly intermix Vizrt and Unreal elements in the same scene – as a native component within Viz workflows, improving interoperability performance, such as seamless depth of field sync between Viz Engine and Unreal Engine and scene property preset sharing.

We enhance your efficiency with our easy to use tools.

Take your production to the next level with the right solutions.