Efficient Graphics | Production Efficiency Demo Series

Efficient Graphics

In this demo of Viz Engine 5 and the revolutionary Adaptive Graphics, our expert will demonstrate a single workflow to deliver multi-platform output, featuring content that automatiWhat do we mean by efficient graphics? Vizrt’s recent innovation Adaptive graphics are certainly part of it – but the full answer lies in the complete workflow. It is about having a synergy between your design team and your graphics operators, and a smooth path from design to playout. In this demo we will focus on how a small team of designers can create all your TV and online graphics, and empower the operator with instant access to their latest graphics scenes and the ability to play them out from one single interface to multiple channels. All the way from the design of Adaptive Graphics scenes in Viz Artist through newsroom story creation to on-air control with Viz Trio or Viz Pilot Edge, all with the same template. Finally, you will get to ask all your graphics questions during the live Q&A. Sign up once and get access to all the demos in the Production Efficiency series.