Viz Mosart 5

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Post-production no more! What if you can have a tool that you can use to both automate breaking news and live shows and record all your segments at the same time. What if after your directed the on-air show, you already have your story post-produced and ready to go on your on-demand platforms. Would that save you a lot of time and resources?

Of course it would and this has been one of the key benefits of the Vizrt Automation Solution. The perfect tool for automating any type of live shows has had the biggest upgrade to date. The star of the new release is Story Recorder. It is an amazing feature that lets you execute a show with Viz Mosart while recording it. Whenever a segment needs to be reshot, the director can pause the automation and go back one or several stories, reset the studio to that point and pick up again. At the end of the recording session, the producer is left with an automatically stitched together show, ready to be played out.

Join this demo to find how Story Recorder and all the new features of Viz Mosart 5 will help you produce better and error-free shows.

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