MLS 2019 Preview: Univision Deportes Ramps Up ‘Teleportation’ with Vizrt

Univision Deportes Teleportation

As the “Home of Soccer” in the U.S., Univision Deportes is set produce 27 MLS regular-season matches plus the MLS All-Star Game, Playoffs, and 2019 MLS Cup this season. The Spanish-language network will continue to use an at-home production model, which it helped pioneer four years ago, for its MLS production while increasing its use of “teleportation“ studio technology.

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Studio Coverage: ‘Teleportation’ To Play Big Role

Univision Deportes integrates augmented-reality elements into its studio shows as much as — if not more than — any sports broadcaster, and that trend will continue this season. Univision plans to deploy its “teleportation” method more regularly during its MLS pregame shows in 2019. The innovative “teleportation” studio technology allows players, coaches, and other personalities to “appear” in the studio in the form of a hologram and interact with the host.

[Teleportation] allows us to showcase the league’s prominent stars to build a more passionate and well-informed fanbase,” says Garcia. “This has been a great success since we started using it with our other properties. Our aim is to bring MLS to life as we grow with the league.”

The technology, which has been used by Univision for its studio shows for several years and was even used at the Premio Univision Deportes awards show in 2017, is made possible via Vizrt’s Viz Engine and Tracking Hub (Viz Virtual Studio), as well as NCAM’s optical tracking system.

Univision Deportes’ onsite MLS pre-game show, La Barra MLS, will return for its fourth season. Fans in attendance will play an even larger part in the show, testing their soccer knowledge against Univision Deportes experts. In addition, for each match, viewers can expect appearances by celebrities linked to the host city.

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