Study shows positive impact of Viz Libero Teams on players' tactical understanding of sport

Sports rights holders continue to benefit from video telestration solutions that analyze game-play and enhance the fan experience.

While traditionally found in the broadcast booth, this innovation is today making its way to the training ground to benefit both coach and athlete.

These highly intuitive telestration and analysis tools, which use actual game or practice video, are designed for coaches of all sports and help them engage with their players and convey complex tactics simply. In turn, these telestration tools allow the athlete to absorb their coach’s key messages quickly.

This research has indicated that a single video telestration session can significantly improve pattern recognition and postural cue usage in youth football players…(and) this improvement was retained for 7 days…

A recently published research study by the University of Chester, in the UK, looked at two groups of twenty elite Under-15 and Under-16 football (soccer) players.

The study investigates whether a single video telestration session, in this case using Vizrt’s Viz Libero Teams, enhances pattern recognition and postural cue usage among players.

The results of the study indicate that the use of video telestration by coaches is, in fact, an effective method to significantly improve a player’s ability to visualize formation, potential progression, and alignment during a match.

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