Vizrt nabs a triple-play with its offering of sports products at NAB

With brand-new features such as the Live Virtual Presenter for Viz Libero and custom sports for Viz Arena, Vizrt will be demonstrating at NAB how sports rights holders can engage their audiences and monetize their content simultaneously. And with Viz Libero Teams currently storming the market, coaches can use cutting edge analysis tools to improve their players performance, showing that Vizrt is providing a 360 degree offering addressing many different angles of a sports organization.

Vizrt is the world’s leading provider of visual storytelling tools for media content creators and showcased these new tools at NAB 2019 in the presentation 'Get Into The Game' - the video of which is above.

Live Virtual Presenterpresenter places presenter between objects. New for Viz Libero 6.9.  

Expanding interactivity with Viz Libero

Vizrt’s Live Virtual Presenter combines Viz Virtual Studio with complete game analysis through Viz Libero, allowing presenters to join players virtually on the field to interact with footage and game analysis.

The game can be brought virtually into the studio with Viz Libero AR, leveraging augmented reality (AR) to place a photorealistic 3D view of the game with analysis graphics in front of the sports presenter in the studio.

Sports analyst using Viz Libero AR

Both these tools give the presenter a new way of telling the story of the game, as well as allowing the broadcaster to create in-depth analysis in the studio that amazes and engages audiences - giving both broadcaster and fans extremely shareable content.


Virtual Advertising for any sport

Viz Arena is the perfect solution to allow sports rights holders to monetize their production with unobtrusive virtual advertisements embedded into the game footage.

Virtual graphics are easily added in a variety of places throughout the stadium and pitch, and regional tailoring is easy to use to suit different sponsors throughout the world. Thanks to the new custom sport feature in Viz Arena it means that the tool can be applied to any sports environment, not just selected field sports, without any hardware at the venue.

Examples include virtual advertising trackside in car racing to virtual finish lines in horse racing.

Other features include a live Down & Distance line with sponsor graphics, where Vizrt’s live virtual graphics technology is suitable for any game and weather conditions, ensuring your audience and sponsors have an optimal live experience.

The latest version of Viz Eclipse - Vizrt’s advertisement board replacement solution for soccer - will be showcased for the first time in the US market with the new ability to replace animated board content.


Viz Libero Teams

The new Viz Libero Teams offering is available for coaches and clubs to boost the performance of their teams. The world’s best teams and athletes trust in Viz Libero to elevate their performance and skills.

Swiss National Football Team using Viz Libero Teams in a stadium on a laptop

Viz Libero is the industry-leading sports analysis solution. It combines 3D virtual sports enhancements with powerful telestration tools. Running on a laptop and only requiring game footage - either live or as a clip - Viz Libero generates the perfect perspective for analyzing interesting or controversial scenes.

Come and see all these tools in action on the Vizrt stand at NAB 2019, Las Vegas.


Press contacts: Chris Black / Cath Webb

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