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Viz Engine 5.2

Enhanced features and capabilities

Viz Engine 5.2 delivers a variety of improvements to the Viz Engine Renderer, including  Material Alpha Mask support, Texture Renderer/Substance support across scenes, and transparent shadows. Also, Viz Engine Renderer pipeline support has been added to Viz Arena.

New Viz Multiplay Capabilities

Viz Engine 5.2 provides new Superchannel enhancement to Viz Multiplay by allowing usage of 16 Superchannels (32 Subchannels of each type), plus improvements to the Transition Shader feature.

Enhanced Video Wall Support

New, higher resolution video wall installations are increasing at a rapid pace, including those incorporating curved video walls. Viz Engine 5.2 adds enhanced video wall support including for virtual windows (i.e. tracked camera plus video wall) and curved video walls. New color correction capabilities are also added, which improve set extensions by ensuring they appear seamless to the viewer.

Other noteworthy enhancements include support for Unreal Engine 5.2 and 5.3, and nearly a dozen I/O and UX improvements.

Please refer to the Viz Engine product webpage and the Release Notes for more information on these and other new features.

Please refer to the Viz Engine 5.2 Release Notes, located on the FTP Site, for more information.

To schedule a Viz Engine demo, please visit the Viz Engine product webpage.