The new integration to GeoSage Basemaps allows broadcasters to access a comprehensive database of medium-resolution satellite imagery.


When breaking news happens, access to global satellite imagery is essential to journalists. Viz World, the broadcast industry’s standard software for the creation of branded and animated 3D maps, has integrated with GeoSage World Basemaps giving broadcasters the ability to virtually go anywhere in the world. All satellite imagery has been carefully processed by GeoSage providing broadcasters with unified coloring and quality.

“We are very pleased that after extensive evaluation the Viz World technical team has adopted our world base maps as part of their innovative content offering,” said Jennifer Tao, Business Manager at GeoSage.

The new data packages include GeoSage’s unique world base maps and combine satellite imagery (30, 60, and 120-meter resolution), high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) as well as street vector data from OpenStreetMap. This combination gives broadcasters the flexibility to generate high-quality 3D animated maps for any location.

About GeoSage:

GeoSage is an enthusiastic leading developer in image and spectral transformation analysis. It develops key technologies and software tools able to enhance imagery interpretation and visualization and produces some unique, large-sized, global satellite imagery and shaded-relief mosaics. GeoSage offers innovative, advanced, and cost-effective image/spatial analysis products and solutions for the growing geospatial community as well as the general public. The latest free, advanced image stretching and pan-sharpening software (Spectral Transformer for Landsat-8 imagery) able to rapidly make beautiful and detail-rich Landsat-8 imagery has been well received.