Boost your game coverage with advanced Viz Arena 5.1

With unprecedented keying, powered by Viz AI, and simplified control Viz Arena 5.1 is smarter and more flexible to elevate and monetize any sports coverage with live 3D virtual graphics.

Bergen, Norway — 2nd August 2022 — Vizrt the leader of software-defined visual storytelling (#SDVS), real-time graphics, and augmented reality, today announces the release of Viz Arena 5.1, the premier technology for real-time 3D virtual graphics for sports.

“Viz Arena boosts the potential of any live sports coverage, so broadcasters and sports rights holders reap the rewards. The latest innovations within Viz Arena 5.1 add advanced automation, increased speed, better ease of use, and ground-breaking AI technology, making it a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable tool to raise production value,”

says Sam Leadsom,
Commercial Director of Global Sports, Vizrt

Perfect Automation

Viz Arena’s new Advanced Keyers, powered by Viz AI, automate keying based on dedicated algorithms trained for each sport. The system intelligently handles the specific ambient conditions making it neutral to external constraints and delivering optimum results every time. While operators benefit from the intelligent automation that does not require manual interaction, AI-powered keying also translates into better visual quality for audiences.

The Advanced Soccer Keyer mitigates the effects of changing daylight conditions and strong sun/shadow contrast in stadia, whereas the Advanced Basketball Keyer masters court reflections and similar foreground/background keying colors to deliver flawless results regardless of the conditions.

While the initial focus for harnessing the power of Viz AI for Viz Arena 5.1 was solving the specific challenges for soccer and basketball, the built-in algorithm has auto-pipeline training to quickly advance other sports.

Viz Arena 5.1’s new Advanced Cut Detection (ACD) is purpose-built for fast-paced live sports production. It is the only solution on the market that solves the challenge of frame-accurately handling virtual graphics during any camera transition, hard or soft cuts, and wipes – fully automated and 100% fail-safe. Without manual intervention by the operator, it activates and disables virtual graphics on the program feed in real-time in a downstream workflow, so they remain perfectly positioned regardless of the perspective.

Simplify and gain greater control with Viz Arc

With the full integration of Viz Arc, operators unlock the comfort and simplicity of the innovative AR control application. Viz Arc is Vizrt’s augmented reality control system, allowing users to drive AR graphics and virtual sets from a single interface and set up AR elements by mapping to various locations.

The combination of Viz Arena’s unmatched tracking and keying capabilities with Viz Arc’s control flexibility provides all functions to control the processes and operations essential for advanced graphics. Users can manage playlists, rundowns, data integration or line-ups and control tracking, keying, positioning and triggering of the graphics directly from a single interface. With Viz Arc and Viz Arena, users can build their own Gui with Preview Video available as an NDI® feed to trigger all live commands.

Maximize value with virtual advertising

Virtual advertising allows revenue constraints to break free from the physical limitations of available inventory and enables rights holders and brands to maximize the commercial potential of sports sponsorship and live in-game advertising. In this rapidly growing market, cost-efficient, easy to operate, and flexible solutions are required that deliver 100% reliable results.

Viz Arena is the answer to this growing demand providing the toolset to extend a sponsoring portfolio to more assets and increase effectiveness by supporting audience segmentation and targeting different regions or platforms.

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