The new Vizrt

The world of media is changing. Content creation is evolving. Vizrt has joined forces with NewTek. So, what does this really mean?

The world of media is changing. Content creation – is becoming increasingly democratized, reaching far beyond big broadcast organizations to the single streamer on Twitch or YouTube.  

However, the needs of content creators, regardless of size are largely the same. They are focused on growing audience numbers, engaging audiences with creative visuals, producing quality content, becoming more sustainable, all the while facing the reality of having to do so with fewer resources. 

With a broad range of customers across NewTek and Vizrt, from the small production team to the world’s largest broadcast and media organizations, the question became – how do we help? How do we support our customers during these changing times and give them even better solutions to solve their problems? 

The answer is to join NewTek and Vizrt together.  

NewTek and Vizrt are now one unified brand, with one product portfolio

In fact, it’s the most comprehensive product portfolio in content creation.  

Why? Because now, Vizrt is the high-quality and easy-to-use platform that every professional storyteller can use to produce video for any channel. From the individual to the world’s largest organization, Vizrt is a one-stop shop to support any size content creator.  

We’ve been working hard over the past few years to bring our organizations together – but also grow our customer service, learning platforms, R&D, and product teams. 

After years of investment, we have expanded our customer success function, which includes service, and support, to be a 150-person strong, critical branch of our organization. Our R&D teams, spanning six global hubs, have over 250 engineers, and our product team has developed and released more than 20 innovations in the past year, with many more in the pipeline,”

—Michael Hallén, CEO of Vizrt

A customer first organization  

To better meet the needs of end-users and customers, Vizrt will extend its product portfolio and launch a new entry-level video production system for streamers and content creators, and new cloud live production systems. 

Customers and end users will also now have access and flexibility to buy the complete portfolio from Vizrt and its community of key partners. Vizrt partners, which include all NewTek partners can scale up their businesses by certifying and upskilling as experts in studio, graphics, automation, live production, cloud, and more – through Viz University

So, what does the future hold for Vizrt?  

As one, unified organization Vizrt’s teams are laser-focused on delivering the best solutions for all its customers, partners, and end-users, to continue to deliver innovative, impactful, user-centric software solutions – coupled with world-class customer service, support, and success.

In fact, we are planning our most ambitious product roadmap and year of growth yet – with more coming soon…