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Keep your team’s branding pixel-perfect

As your team, club or franchise grows, it’s important to build a brand that fans will recognize. Vizrt’s graphics and video tools are designed to help you easily create and maintain world-class branding for all your video content.

Vizrt’s design platform, Viz Artist, is created for the designer, allowing you to bring in game assets for 3rd-party 3D programs and turn them into real-time branding elements. A large global user-base means it’s easy to find an expert designer. Or, become a certified Viz Artist yourself using the free edition of Viz Artist and Viz University.

Build an online fan-base with high-quality videos produced with Viz Story. The award-winning web browser-based video editing and publishing tool can be used anywhere. Viz Story is intuitive, powerful and easy to use without specialist training. Your team’s branding will shine bright with stunning videos automatically published in the right format for every platform.

Share valuable insights and tactics to complex game play with Viz Libero for Coaches. The laptop-based analysis tool is used by global esports leagues to highlight key moments in the game with a suite of graphics, player markers, region highlights, arrows, and more. The analysis clips can be used to coach the team or share tips and tricks to fans online.

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