Vizrt 2022 US Midterm Election Coverage

Read about how broadcasters brought the predictions, updates and results of U.S. election to billions of viewers globally.

Election Night 2022 Vizrt

Check out Vizrt’s live blog from US election night to find out how broadcasters brought the predictions, updates and results of U.S. election to billions of viewers globally. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the hashtag #voteviz to see the latest.

As America voted in the 2022 US Midterm Election, broadcasters in the US, and across the globe, showcased the story to billions of viewers via Vizrt’s technology. Throughout election night Vizrt covered how broadcasters use our software-defined, visual storytelling tools to look at the real-time data-driven polls and predictions, to share interesting and immersive analysis as America chose.


What an election night!

Nov. 8th at 10:59 pm CT

Thanks for tuning in with Vizrt on election night 2022 and seeing the new innovative ways broadcasters around the world are using our software-defined, visual storytelling tools bringing immersive experiences to you real-time!

Courtesy of Vizrt

Televisa’s 3D AR map rendered in Viz Engine

Nov. 8th at 10:06 pm CT

Using a combination of AR graphics and virtual sets driven by Viz Engine and stYpe for mechanical and PTZ tracking plus follower camera and talent tracking. Televisa’s modern news set in Mexico City aims to immerse its over 14 million viewers in the latest action for the U.S. midterms coverage.

Courtesy of Televisa

Televisa Election Night 2022
NBC News Election Night 2022

NBC covers the latest results in the US midterms with Vizrt

Nov. 8th at 9:52 pm CT

NBC News is using Viz Virtual Studio to create photo-real AR graphics as part of its AR election coverage for the US midterm elections. Large video walls featuring data-driven real-time graphics display the latest results and analysis while also opening up for remote guests. Camera tracking for the AR elements are done with stYpe’s RedSpy optical camera tracking.

Courtesy of NBC News

Viz Multiplay 30 PR Image 2

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Channel News Asia outline the US midterm elections with Viz Engine

Nov. 8th at 9:49 pm CT

The US is facing a head-to-head between Republicans and Democrats for the US Midterms, but how does this affect Asia? Channel News Asia explores just that for this year’s election coverage using Viz Engine to drive AR graphics in Virtual Studio, as well as using Viz Opus, Viz MultiplayViz Pilot and Viz One to handle the other elements of broadcast control from automation to content delivery.

Courtesy of Channel News Asia

CBC chooses Vizrt for 2022 mid-term coverage

Nov. 8th at 9:37 pm CT

CBC opts for a mixture of Viz EngineViz TrioViz OneViz Pilot, and Viz Virtual Studio to highlight the latest U.S. election results to Canadian viewers.

Courtesy of CBC

CNN Election Night 2022

CNN advanced election coverage with simplified graphics control via Viz Multiplay

Nov. 8th at 9:32 pm CT

CNN has been using Vizrt tools for daily news coverage for many years. With the addition of Viz Multiplay and Dynamic Channels controlled by CNN’s in-house election system, as results come in, the election system triggers content to video walls, lower thirds, full screens, and many other graphics. This ensures that data is syncronized across all platforms. Viz Multiplay controls the many videos walls in both the Hudson Yards studio in New York, as well as the D.C. studio. Viz World is also being used to create maps on each surface and Viz Engine is rendering all of the graphics throughout the production.

Courtesy of CNN

Fox votes Viz Engine 5 to highlight midterm elections

Nov. 8th at 9:05 pm CT

Data is the name of the game for Fox News as they turn their Studio F into election HQ for coverage. Fox’s Presidential Race Scoreboard, National Popular Vote, and Electoral Vote count take live data and visualize it in virtual sets, AR, and multiple video walls including a 14-foot diameter video wall suspended from the studio ceiling. All graphics rendered in real-time by Viz Engine with camera tracking supported by stYpe’s RedSpy optical tracking and a HumanCrane.

Courtesy of Fox News


Al Araby bets on virtual sets and AR graphics to cover 2022 US election

Nov. 8th at 8:45 pm CT

Virtual sets and augmented reality are telling the election story in the US this year. Viz Virtual Studio rendering with Viz Engine – the world’s most powerful real-time graphics engine and video playout server – creates seamless and interactive graphics, while keeping the newsroom workflow efficient for journalists.

Courtesy of Al Araby


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Washington Post shares live coverage of US election results with Vizrt graphics

Nov. 8th at 8:16 pm CT

The Washington Post has brought back its live stream with hosts analyzing the election as data comes in. The production keeps it simple focusing on getting information to the viewers with insightful analysis. The graphics are all controlled by Viz Trio where the operator has a simple interface to trigger the live graphics that are rendered by Viz Engine.

Courtesy of The Washington Post

Telemundo uses Vizrt AR and virtual sets to highlight US midterm results

Nov. 8th at 6:16 pm CT

Spanish language network Telemundo uses Vizrt graphics again this year to highlight the election results in an elevated way with AR graphics. The use of Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Engine, combined with easy control using Viz Arc helps Telemundo achieve a dynamic look for analysis and results combined with an easy way to control the AR elements all tracked with styYpeKit mechanical camera tracking.

Courtesy of Telemundo


CBS News relies on Viz Engine 5 and Unreal Engine for election coverage

Nov. 8th at 2:14 pm CT

To keep pace with the US election results, CBS News uses the pioneering integration of Viz Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 5, building the largest AR screen in Times Square.

Special thanks to Fadi Radi and the team!

Asharq News uses Viz Engine and Viz Virtual Studio to cover US elections

Nov. 8th at 12:15 pm CT

For an impeccable visualization of the 2022 US elections, Asharq News chose Viz Engine to composite and render scenes, and Viz Virtual Studio to build the live virtual set and AR production.

Courtesy of Asharq News

asharq news
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