Vizrt premiered the technology at NAB 2018.

Vizrt premiered the technology at NAB 2018.


Adding clarity to every play in a football match while entertaining viewers is a key goal for any sports analysis show. As the first broadcaster to use the new Viz Libero AR, Sky Sports Germany brought entertainment and sports analysis to a new level for the Champions League Final.

Viz Libero AR combines the analysis power of Viz Libero with augmented reality (AR) graphics, creating a new way for sports presenters to tell the story of the action on the field and engage sports fans.Sky Sports Germany worked hand in hand with Vizrt engineers in April and May 2018, testing the capabilities of Viz Libero AR.

This refinement allowed the released version of Viz Libero AR to have an intuitive workflow that combines the strengths of Viz Libero with AR storytelling capabilities. The optimized workflow allowed Sky Sports Germany to have the system on-air just a few days after the official release of Viz Libero 6.7.

“Viz Libero AR brings the pitch into the studio, giving the fans the experience of analyzing the most important plays with the experts,” says Remo Ziegler, Vizrt’s VP Product Management Sports. “The seamless transition between Viz Libero AR and Viz Libero analysis clips lets the viewers sit in the first row at all times, be it in the studio or on the pitch.”

Viz Libero AR won the Produce category in the IABM BaM Awards at NAB 2018 and is being used by broadcasters globally to enhance their coverage of the 2018 World Cup. Follow the Vizrt World Cup Blog to see how media companies around the world are covering the tournament.

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