Viz Engine 3.10 released with a new commercial model and a new licensing system

Viz Engine 3.10 will be demonstrated at NAB 2018 stand SL2416.

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Vizrt, the leader in powerful visual storytelling tools for the digital media industry, announced today the latest version of it’s real-time 3D graphics engine and video playback server, Viz Engine. Viz Engine 3.10 revolutionizes the way media companies interact with graphics engines in a professional environment with a new underlying licensing system. Instead of a dongle-based setup, Viz Engine can now be operated with a dongle-free node-based license or by getting its license from a license server. Version 3.10 also includes many simplifications such as no more distinction between a VGA and a video license, a significantly reduced optional price list, and easy to remember I/O channel pricing.

Everything you need in one system

The new commercial model for Viz Engine 3.10 includes a new multi-purpose license that is equipped with the features and plugins needed to get going with a live production immediately; including a full version of the Viz Artist design platform. The added core features allow the same Viz Engine to be used for multiple purposes for maximum production flexibility. The addition of Viz Artist gives media companies greater flexibility for making last minute adjustments to scenes.

The multi-purpose Engine Core license is available today for new customers and current customers who purchase a new Viz Engine, and very soon for all customers under current support with eligible software (such as Viz Engine HD SDI). The Engine Core license is part of the new dongle-free licensing system and unlocks features for which existing customers can take advantage immediately.

Welcome to a dongle-less world

Viz Engine 3.10 includes a new license system which allows for dongle-free licensing. The new license system does not require a dongle and creates a faster and easier workflow for media companies to get their Vizrt systems licensed and on the air.

New Vizrt customers can sign up using the new Vizrt licensing portal to acquire and activate licenses in a self-service manner. Vizrt customers with current support and with eligible software will be able to acquire licenses very soon. The new license system allows single systems to be licensed individually or as part of a license server so that only the Viz Engines needed for a specific production are licensed.

Virtual and cloud deployments

The new license system allows media companies to use virtual and cloud deployments for both Viz Engine and the Graphic Hub. The use of the license server, combined with virtualized environments creates a future-proof system for live production.

The upgrade path for customers with an eligible Viz Engine includes software that can be operated with the existing dongles or with the new dongle-free license. This is a decision that can be taken at the time of startup of Viz Engine. The option of using existing dongles or with the new dongle-free license gives media companies operational safety in fallback scenarios.

To upgrade your Viz Engine to 3.10, please refer to the Viz Engine 3.10.0 / Viz Artist 3.10.0 documentation.

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