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Modern broadcasters need an automated branding and channel cross-promotion platform that can easily scale with the growing need for creating more channels with more content. Viz Multichannel dynamically fills out info-bugs, menu-boards, program interstitials and promos with up-to-date and accurate information without any operator needed. The system has rapid up-to-second sync with automation systems for data and trigger control.

Realize your channel branding dreams


Control multiple channels simultaneously from a single interface.


Events are dynamically built based on a combination of metadata, rules and conditions.


Traffic system integration for advanced secondary event scheduling.

Key features

  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Automation support
  • Supports HD and 4K
  • Automated playlist creation from traffic system
  • Last minute playlist changes
  • Real-time preview
  • Template-based graphics
  • Monitor channels from a single interface
  • Traffic error notifications
  • Automated billing & reports
  • Vizrt REST API
  • Built for promotions and branding

Integration with existing workflows

Viz Multichannel integrates seamlessly with existing channel traffic and scheduling solutions. It supports the import of playlists from all major traffic and automation systems.

Support for automation systems

Viz Multichannel’s integration with automation systems guarantees that every single element is played out at exactly the right time. After receiving a playlist from the traffic system, the automation takes control during playout, telling Viz Multichannel when to run a specific item.
Last-minute changes made in the automation system will automatically be synchronized with the playlist in Viz Multichannel. 

Event handling

While shows or ad-blocks are considered primary events, graphics effects within the show, such as squeezebacks, tickers and lower thirds, are seen as secondary events. After a primary event has been triggered by the automation system, Viz Multichannel takes control of the secondary events and plays them without the need for user intervention, guaranteeing accurate timing. 

Viz Multichannel’s flexibility is based on relative timecodes: Offsets are based on the timecode of a specific program rather than on an absolute time of day. Because the relative start point of a template in relation to the main program always stays the same, updates in the playlist do not affect the graphics schedule.

The communication between Viz Multichannel and the automation system uses standard protocols like VDCP and Intelligent Interface and is open to other third-party systems.

Adjusting the playlist

Last-minute changes to existing playlists are very common in broadcasting. Whether sports events go overtime or breaking news demands its own space in the playlist, Viz Multichannel handles time-critical changes without the need for user interference.

Staying in control

Viz Multichannel allows users to maintain full control over the playlist up to the very last minute before playout. Templates automatically collect information such as the program’s name and start time. Should any changes occur, all relevant information is updated instantly.

An automatic error check makes sure that changes in the original playlist do not corrupt the graphics playlist. Advanced error protection features include alerts concerning overlapping animations, mismatches, or other deviations from the schedule.

Branding and promotions

Viz Multichannel does much more than simply merge your promotion and branding strategy with the playlist—it also helps you to control and monitor the content.

Publish programming notes and updates automatically to social networks like Twitter and Facebook to keep the audience informed about your stations broadcast schedule.

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Viz Multichannel 4.2.4

October 10, 2022: Viz Multichannel 4.2.4 is a maintenance release and brings several improvements and bug fixes. The bundle installer and complementary installers can be found in the FTP here: products/VizMultichannel/Latest Version/4.2.4