Most major U.S. broadcasters, and more than 100 major broadcasters worldwide, using Vizrt tools to cover the 2020 U.S. election

Vizrt graphics seen by billions on election night

Most major U.S. broadcasters, and more than 100 major broadcasters worldwide, using Vizrt tools to cover the 2020 U.S. election

Bergen, Norway—5th November 2020—With the results still coming in, an estimated four billion people tuning in to the results of the U.S. presidential election are watching the creative strength enabled by Vizrt software tools and graphics. More than 100 news stations representing roughly 90 percent of the major broadcasters around the world are depending on Vizrt software in their newsrooms to create graphics used during this historic election.

On display as the results rolled in where impressive touchscreen video walls, augmented reality that allows for interactive data updates and projections, and cutting-edge maps that take an esoteric voting system and make it readily understandable by all.

The goal of election night is to draw in viewers by taking vast amounts of data and making it both quickly understandable and engaging in real time,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, co-founder of Vizrt. “It is how our brilliant customers engage their audiences and present on the fly that matters most. In essence, it is how they use Vizrt tools to tell the story as it unfolds that sets them apart from the rest.”

Nearly every national U.S. broadcaster, and more than 100 worldwide broadcasters – including media companies such as CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera, TV 2 Norway, NHK, Al Arabiya, Mediacorp, and more – made use of solutions from Vizrt on election night. Vizrt and Sky Creative Agency have worked together on Sky News coverage of the U.S. elections.

Technologies on display will include:

  • Viz Engine – the most powerful render engine for live media, providing unmatched real time performance, low latency media flows, stunning effects for photo realism and new compositing features
  • Viz Trio – the leading character generator (CG) for live televised events anywhere in the world
  • Viz Multiplay – providing flexible control of graphics, clips, live feeds, and still images with transitions on every studio display through a single interface
  • Viz Mosart – simplifies operation and advanced device control, providing the highest quality and speed while eliminating mistakes and lowering operational costs
  • Viz Pilot – a cross-platform, template-based system for journalists to create, manage and deliver high volumes of top-quality graphics, video, stills and map content on-air and on-line
  • Viz World – high-quality branded 3D maps that can be easily built by the journalist from their newsroom system
  • Viz One – a centralized and scalable platform to ingest, manage, edit, and deliver content effortlessly and cost-effectively
  • Viz Virtual Studio – the global standard for live virtual sets and augmented reality productions
  • Viz Arc – an augmented reality control system, which allows users to drive AR graphics and virtual sets from a single interface