The hidden power of Viz Engine: Broadcast fonts done right!

15 Mar 2022

The hidden powers of Viz Engine 4

“The term readability doesn’t ask simply can you read it? It asks, do you want to read it.

Jason Santa Maria

A picture may speak a thousand words, but when it comes to communicating hard facts with no room for misinterpretation, the written word is still animated and still text on screen via graphics has always been and will remain one of the most powerful, succinct and effective ways of delivering key information to the viewer. But while there is always an intense focus on which words to use, exactly how they are presented is sometimes forgotten.

Fonts have always been a strong suit for Viz Engine-based graphics, but with Viz Engine 4 an increased focus was put on not only the look and rendering of fonts but also their ease of control and user-friendliness.

Fonts Image 1

Infinite details and resolution independency

No matter the size and shape of your output, the final output will look great.

Fonts Image 2

Support for the world’s writing systems

Viz Engine 4 lets you work in Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Kanji and every other language in the world – including emojis – so you can accurately render the news in any language.

Fonts Image 3

Easy font and library management

Working with fonts for broadcast should be as easy as working with a word processor – now it is, drag and drop functionality and you will save time and frustration with then new Viz Engine font management system.

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Hidden Powers