Corporate Success

Video’s Growing Importance

Whether you are a creative agency looking to grow your client list for video productions or a company looking to develop in-house video capabilities, as you look at the current landscape you see massive growth in video as a part of all our lives and work. We live with a variety of devices and video now streams to any of those. AVTechnology Europe recently took a look at how more and more corporations are turning to video as a means both to communicate internally to employees and externally to customers and potential customers.

Part of the reason for the massive growth of video, they found, is due to change in video production technology. AVTechnology Europe shared the observations of Reece Lipman of Chocolate Films, a London-based provider of documentaries, factual programming, event filming, advertising and more:

…equipment is becoming more nimble and more readily available, so the production value of corporate videos is increasing exponentially. “…We’ve made corporate videos featuring specifically designed motion graphics which convey information even if you don’t have the sound on. We’ve produced epic trailers for upcoming events and conferences to promote ticket sales in new markets. We’ve made cinematic looking product adverts to announce a new and exciting development. And we’ve done it all for every budget range; from SMEs with limited resources to huge multi-national corporations. Because of that development in production equipment it means that you are no longer limited by your budget.”

You can read the complete story on why companies are wise to get on the video production bandwagon now at AVTechnology Europe: Thinking about shooting a corporate video? Your reputation could depend on it

Companies have a lot of ways to apply video in order to achieve better communications and to affect the bottom line. Employee briefing and training, corporate meetings, product introductions, customer training and support, and more; and video ensures consistency for each of these. Make a video, and everyone from then on gets the information you want the way you want them to have it.

NewTek in particular is both a company covering the range of production budgets and a leader in the changes in production technologies that enrich the possibilities for producers. Production systems of interest for corporate video range from the four-input backpack-portable TriCaster® Mini for HD productions and presentation to the high-end multi-studio powerhouse 44-input NewTek IP Series 4K|60p, offering the most video processing power available in the market. NewTek has also brought the innovative NDI® to the table, replacing dedicated one-way video and audio cabling with bi-directional IP technology that lets video production tools use the network for not just media but for communications, control and metadata. NewTek has leveraged that to add simple, customizable controls for our production tools via web browsers on virtually any device, enabling anyone to do professional quality production without being an engineer.

NewTek’s multi-channel TalkShow® VS 4000 with Skype TX technology can facilitate video conferencing for global corporations. You have access to anyone on Skype, anywhere in the world. The number of participants can be scaled by chaining units.

NewTek/Wowza MediaDS brings content security and distribution into the fold for companies. Content that you want to keep internal to employees stays internal, served directly inside the local network. When you want to serve an outside audience, you can do so, again, directly from your own network or by serving to popular Content Delivery Networks including Facebook Live, UStream, Microsoft Azure, and more. MediaDS can serve up to 500 connections on a standard network. Four channels are available to stream either four different programs or one program in multiple formats. Again, you can scale your capability by chaining units.

For any purpose that a company needs to accomplish with video, there is a NewTek end-to-end solution for production, from acquisition to delivery. And that solution can leverage the company network at major cost-savings over having to install dedicated video connection cabling. At any level of production.