Dayalbagh Educational Institute

From India to the World, Dayalbagh Educational Institute Delivers Education Globally with TriCaster® and NDI®

Located on the outskirts of Agra, India, is a serene campus full of students who form a community guided by faith. Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) teaches its members to nurture one another, live an active life, and follow an exemplary model of education. With its popularity and growth in recent years, the institution expanded to connect more members on a global scale. The technology at the heart of the expansion solution was NewTek (now part of Vizrt) and NDI®.

DEI was established in 1973 formed around the practice of Dayalbagh, which covers the entire spectrum of knowledge and wisdom, guiding its members to evolve to a ‘complete person’, spiritually and intellectually.

As DEI continued to gain recognition, it worked to ensure that its resources were accessible to all by providing access to distance learning- working to extend high-quality, innovative and value-based education to all areas of society, particularly for people who are not able to attend in person. The eDEIwww.education program, another effort to connect, has courses, diplomas and degrees available online.

Given DEI’s expanding reach to audiences across the globe, it’s important that the institution’s technology is easily accessible for members and helps accurately reflect its professionalism virtually. DEI relies on an NDI® infrastructure, coupled with TriCaster® TC410 Plus and TriCaster® Mini 4K production systems to create video and connect its communities – no matter where they are tuning in from in the world.

Used in the multimedia section of DEI, the TC410 Plus is an integrated video production system, offering the possibility to create multi-platform productions, with a polished look and engaging features. Scaled for smaller racks and mobile units, the TC410 Plus gives users an end-to-end IP workflow.

In the computer section, the TriCaster® Mini 4K is easy to set up and simple to stream, allowing DEI to share content with its students at the click of a button. With Ultra High Definition, the details are relayed concisely, so the attention of every viewer stays on the high-quality visual content displayed onscreen.

Without compromising on useability or quality, the NDI® standard allows users to connect to any device, including cameras, microphones, intercoms and lighting through Ethernet cabling, providing seamless and strong two-way communication. Complete with a free tool suite of applications for an easy introduction to the world of IP, NDI® delivers broadcasting flexibility and ease of deployment, while producing professional-level live streams for DEI.

“In my opinion, NDI® is a revolutionary technology. As a multimedia broadcast technician, being able to control each and every node on the network is extremely important. Prior to NDI®, it was all individualized control which could be very complicated. By bringing every component on the network sitting at one place, we are able to control everything. So wherever our systems, cameras or audio devices are on NDI®, we can access and control them easily sitting from the control room.” DEI Professor & Multimedia Coordinator, K. Soami Daya, shares.

In addition to NDI® technology, DEI uses NewTek’s TriCaster® TC410 Plus and TriCaster® Mini 4K to provide high-quality productions for its followers and students. The TriCasters help the DEI team switch camera angles, add graphics, and create stunning video in an easy way that maintains the high-quality and connection of a broadcast level production.

“Using NewTek technology has been a game changing experience for my team. Every time we do international events using NDI ® and NewTek, the responses from the team and viewers are great, saying the event went smoothly and they got all the information we aim to share.” adds Professor Daya.

DEI continues to grow and reach new audiences from all over the world, with 40 thousand students worldwide, and Information and Technology centers in North America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Oceania. People are drawn to its value-based teaching methods and exemplary education method. The accessibility and flexibility of NewTek solutions, coupled with the power of NDI® technology, is essential in keeping its members connected and communicating worldwide – it’s a future-proof way to ensure anyone, anywhere in the world, can reap, can learn and share knowledge.



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Dayalbagh Educational Institute

From India to the World, Dayalbagh Educational Institute Delivers Education Globally with TriCaster® and NDI®

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