Viz Pilot Edge 2.3 Group Demo

Broadcast graphics convey a story in a way that mere words cannot.

Graphics catch the eye and shape the news to create an immersive viewing experience.

In a breaking news situation, journalists often have nothing more than a few lines of text from the wire services. It can be hours before more information trickles in.

It is therefore crucial to supplement those initial lines of text with on-air graphics.

With Viz Pilot Edge, journalists can quickly and accurately present maps, images, quotes and key points using templated graphics to keep viewers engaged and present any new information. From anywhere.

The latest update of Viz Pilot Edge pushes the flexibility of templates further. Introducing the use of scripting to auto populate forms with 3rd party data such as election results, football table standings and stock market closing numbers.

See firsthand how to power up any story with Viz Pilot Edge.

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