Viz Libero Demo

What You’ll Learn

  • The brand new set of default graphics in Viz Libero 8.1 designed by the premium broadcast graphics experts at Girraphic – and how they’ll make your productions look better.
  • How the power of Viz AI cuts down the effort and time required to create 3D flights, one of Viz Libero’s most popular analysis features.
  • The stunning results you can achieve with the all-new AR Player feature, pulling players off the field and into the studio through the magic of augmented reality.
  • It’s time to take sports production to the cloud – to hybrid – or to whatever you need to be able to deliver your productions, whatever their scale.
  • Anything else you want to know with our live Q&A session at the end of the webinar!

Why You Should Watch It On-Demand?

Sports production is moving at an incredible pace – both in development and in the rapid increase of demands placed on you as a producer. Join this free webinar to fully understand the possibilities inherent in the latest version of the world’s most powerful sports analysis tool!