Viz Engine 5 & Adaptive Graphics

What are adaptive graphics and why do they matter to your audience?

Did you know that a whopping 69% of your audience watch your content on their mobile phones without sound? This means that your graphics need to be “loud” enough for the viewer to understand your story and your content visually interesting enough to retain them. Are you achieving that – or are you transplanting 16:9 graphics to mobile screens?

Sign up for this demo of Viz Engine 5 and Adaptive Graphics, a single workflow delivery to multi-platform output, featuring content that automatically adjusts resolution and format to support specific displays and effectively enables graphic artists to create once and publish multiple times.

In this premiere demo will be showing you how you can use Viz Engine 5’s Adaptive Graphics to create one scene, with one designer to work automatically on many different screen ratios. Also, our experts will show other never-before-seen features in broadcast graphics, including:

  • Intelligent scaling
  • Variable fonts
  • Container nesting
  • Real-time feedback

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