Vizrt Automation Solution

The cost-effective production automation solution

  • Flexible Operation
  • Open System
  • Functional Simplicity
  • Perform fully automated, semi-automated, and manually assisted productions
  • Manage live changes on the fly and handle breaking news or ad hoc productions
  • Run entire live programs with just a few or a single operator using a content centric interface
  • Select from a choice of all production equipment suppliers and categories to control
  • Integrate components from a wide range of live production suppliers
  • Extend automation with the Vizrt Live Production Solution and Vizrt Graphics Solution
  • Remove technical complexity for producers, directors and other production staff
  • Perform complex operations flawlessly, quickly, and easily to focus on showing great stories
  • Combine correctly timed multiple production elements with just one button click

Production Control Group Demos

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Vizrt Automation Solution represents the best of simplified operation and advanced device control, providing the highest quality and speed while eliminating mistakes and lowering operational costs for greater flexibility in news, sports, and other live productions.

The Vizrt Automation Solution is future-ready software that can be easily deployed in different ways and different locations depending on organizational needs. The software is available as an application to be installed locally on specified off the shelf computer hardware, or as a virtualized image for use in private or public cloud environments.

Flexible access software plans provide an approach that gets a production organization up and running without substantial initial costs, from just about anywhere. Automate any kind of production with Vizrt Automation software plans and expand control by integrating with the Vizrt Live Production and Vizrt Graphics Solutions.


Automation Deployment

Comprehensive Control of Systems and Devices

  • Newsroom Control System compatibility
  • Advanced shortcuts
  • Efficient rundown modification tools
  • Reusable and flexible automation templates
  • Air newsroom scripts from anywhere
  • Control multiple systems across multiple locations
  • Assign story elements to buttons
  • View live video in the interface with NDI
  • Connect multiple operators to a rundown at the same time
  • Swap program control during live productions
  • Set individual user interfaces with various levels of control
  • Apply a handover tool for one system to take over from another
  • Control multiple systems across multiple locations

Vizrt Automation Workflow Guide

Complete production automation simplified for your news, sports, and other types of live productions.

Vizrt Automation Solution Software Plans

Focus on delivering great productions with a more flexible control solution starting at $4165/month

Complete Suite Guide

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