Vizrt announces four new software-defined products that bring visual storytelling to the forefront of live production

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The world’s leading provider of software-defined visual storytelling (#SDVS) platforms for media content creators, today announces four new production control, workflow and automation systems.

All four systems are designed to master the complexity of live productions so that broadcasters can maximize their creativity by focusing on story rather than technology.

Check out The Big AR Sports Show, straight from IBC, to see Viz Arc in action driving the presentation:

There is a need in the broadcast industry to provide platforms that deliver both an easy entry point into live production ecosystems, as well as provide the precision required for a high-quality modern live productions. Making live programs easier than ever to produce and more fun to create, while also saving broadcasters time and money are key to the systems we are introducing at IBC.

Dr. Andrew Cross
President of R&D at Vizrt

Easy virtual set and AR control: Viz Arc

The new Viz Arc gives media companies a powerful control system for producing amazing virtual sets and augmented reality (AR) graphics for day-to-day live production. The IP-based system, which allows users to drive AR graphics and virtual sets from a single interface, is intuitive and easy to use, and even allows AR elements to be set up on a location map or a studio floor plan.

Viz Arc integrates with the entire Vizrt product portfolio, including communicating with Viz Virtual Studio, Vizrt’s tracking hub, and can also operate multiple Viz Engines simultaneously. Customers will have direct access to Viz Artist templates and other third-party integrations, including Unreal Engine 4. For customers with Viz Engine 4, Viz Arc will also control Vizrt’s new Precision Keyer.

Viz Arc will be released on September 11th and will be the control system used to drive The Big AR Sports Show at IBC this year. A lite version of Viz Arc which includes control of the Precision Keyer will be provided for free with Viz Engine 4.

Cutting-edge studio automation and powerful software-based switching: Viz Verdi

Viz Verdi is a new software-defined automation platform that allows media companies to efficiently produce more content on more platforms, including re-purposing live programming for social media and online outlets. The cost-effective system fits into today’s complex production environments while standing ready to support a broadcaster’s transition to IP.

Viz Verdi is designed for broadcasters who want to renew their facilities and transition into a IP-based production environment. Viz Verdi strips complexity from the production workflow, reduces on-air programming errors, and allows operators to focus on what matters most: the story.

The system’s ability to simultaneously produce live content in multiple aspect ratios simplifies multi-platform delivery and ensures that broadcasters can better monetize their content.

Viz Verdi will be released in Q4 2019 and will be previewed at IBC as part of the Connected Storytelling presentation on the Vizrt stage.

IP-native multi-format live production switching: Viz Vectar

Software-defined technology makes Viz Vectar a platform that allows broadcasters to grow organically into the next generation of live content creation. It is a compact, yet powerful live production switcher with four built-in DDRs, built-in recording, and social media streaming.

Viz Vectar effortlessly masters the art of reaching new audiences by natively supporting digital media aspect ratios and formats, allowing for delivery to multiple screens.

Viz Vectar fits perfectly within Vizrt ecosystem supporting Viz Mosart automation, and controlling graphics in Viz Engine. It lowers the threshold of getting any source on air by natively running the NDI protocol to a variety of Vizrt products, in addition to supporting SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 inputs and outputs.

Combined with four internal multiviewers, 44 inputs and 8 M/Es, Viz Vectar is a solid investment for the current needs of media companies and the challenges of tomorrow.

Viz Vectar will be released in Q4 2019.

Workflow orchestration made easy: Viz Helix

The Viz Helix media workflow orchestration system automates common production processes built around the Viz One media asset management (MAM) system.

Fully cloud native, the software-based Viz Helix simplifies complex IP workflows by streamlining time-consuming and redundant tasks, allowing enterprise operations to unlock more value in their resources, become more agile and reduce the need for proprietary management solutions.

Viz Helix also accelerates time to market for new content while simultaneously reducing on-air errors.

Viz Helix will be released on Sept 30th 2019.