Viz Arc 1.8

The Continuing Advancement of the Artful Control of AR Graphics

The latest edition of Vizrt’s advanced augmented reality control system features enhanced AI-powered object tracking features, plus expanded control of Unreal Engine design components. A new DMX protocol integration is also included, which allows a user to set values from an external device or application to a Viz Arc User Interface control panel.

New DMX Protocol Integration

A new DMX protocol integration allows a user to set values associated with an external device or application to a Viz Arc User Interface control panel, such as the Precision Keyer. Other interesting use cases include letting an operator in the control room to manipulate the light and transformation actions, plus color and intensity control, of both the physical studio lights and Viz Arc UI-driven virtual set lights from a single control interface.

Viz Arc 1.8 – DMX Protocol Integration and Lighting
Viz Arc 1.8 – Unreal Engine Control and Geometry & Materials

Expanded Command and Control of Unreal Engine Content

Building upon Viz Arc 1.7’s ControlObject integration – which brought new levels of control of Unreal content, such as text and objects, Viz Arc 1.8 gives designers the ability to control Unreal Engine geometry and materials, plus PLAY ‘From-To’ control within the Unreal Sequencer Timeline.

Improved Real-time Object Tracking

Tracking quality and performance were significantly increased with the release of Vizrt’s award-winning Object Tracker, powered by Viz AI. Viz Arc 1.8 adds to Object Tracker’s capability with a new 2D Pose Tracking feature, which tracks the talent’s hands, legs, eyes, and other body parts.  Another new capability is Face Tracker, which gives the user the ability to track the position and orientation of the talent’s face within a virtual set.

Viz Arc 1.8 – Pose Tracker

For more information and to schedule a demo, please visit the Viz Arc webpage.

Viz Arc application installers and product documentation, including Release Notes, are available via the Vizrt FTP.