Free Viz Artist

Viz Artist / Viz Engine 3.12.2

This is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes.


  • Log license errors to Graphic Hub journal and increase license grace period to 72 hours. (VIZENG-22295)

Bug Fixes

  • SDC01: Viz Engine reports wrong IP in IpDeviceList messages (VIZENG-19999)
  • SDC01: Switching 2022-6 inputs via SDC-01 doesn’t work (VIZENG-20499)
  • Wrong text bounding box with carriage returns (VIZENG-20560)
  • Leading space when writing direction is right to left is not working for Font File (VIZENG-20714)
  • Leading space when direction is vertical is not calculated in bounding box (VIZENG-20715)
  • Softclip plugin performance in 3.12.x (VIZPL-1083)
  • Aja input drops frames (VIZENG-21151)
  • High CPU usage with new Softclip plugin (VIZPL-1096)
  • Viz crash in SoftClip plugin (VIZPL-1125)
  • NLE frame server crash caused by resource leak (VIZENG-21959)
  • Texture memory increases when Viz is running in console mode (VIZENG-22030)
  • Using Softclip plugin with repeating still frames in Lagarith (VIZPL-987)
  • Improved warning reporting for 64bit Softclip Plugin (VIZPL-1241)

Read the Viz Engine notes 3.12.2 on the Vizrt ftp following the path: products/VizEngine/VizEngine3x/Previous Versions/3.12/3.12.2/ for more information.