Viz Mosart 5.4

Introducing Viz Flowics graphics control, editing of Viz Pilot Edge graphics, remote control of Viz Mosart features from 3rd party systems, and more

October 23rd 2023: The latest release of the industry-leading studio automation solution, Viz Mosart 5.4, further reinforces Viz Mosart’s role as a powerful graphics control client for live production assistance. HTML graphics from Viz Flowics can now be added to and controlled directly from the Viz Mosart rundown, and Viz Pilot Edge graphics event data can be edited directly in the automation interface to allow last-second changes to be made.

This release also brings other workflow and UX enhancements, such as the ability to remotely control some Viz Mosart features from third-party systems through a secure REST API, an improved keyboard shortcut design, and a preview of new Timeline and Story script windows.

Viz Flowics support

Further expanding Viz Mosart’s graphic control abilities, this update makes it possible to control Viz Flowics HTML overlay graphics through the Viz Mosart UI, adding them to your Newsroom Control System’s rundown through the new Viz Flowics NRCS Plugin. This fantastic addition means that Viz Mosart now has native control of all types of Vizrt graphics and is therefore the ideal production assistance tool for maximum end-to-end flexibility.

Editing Viz Pilot Edge graphics in Viz Mosart

It’s now possible to edit Viz graphics data directly in the Viz Mosart user interface. The Viz Pilot Edge plugin can now be opened inside the automation UI to give operators even greater control to fix errors and make last-second changes before stories go to air – particularly useful for highly dynamic operations with smaller production teams.

Remote Control API

It’s now possible to remotely control features of Viz Mosart through a secure REST API, meaning you can trigger Viz Mosart from external devices. For example, a TriCaster video switcher could trigger template playout, or operators in the Master Control Room (MCR) can trigger playout of the first Viz Mosart story in a rundown to avoid freezing on-air.

For details on how to use this new interface, please consult the  Mosart Remote Control REST API section in the Viz Mosart Administrator Guide.

New Timeline and Story script windows (PREVIEW)

For a while, a read-only Rundown Viewer has been available as part of Viz Mosart Web Applications. As a preview for how rundown control in the future could migrate to a web-based interface, we have introduced two experimental windows in the regular Viz Mosart client: “Timeline – Web” and “Story script – Web”.

Viz Mosart 5.4 - New Timeline and Story script windows (PREVIEW)

These are available for trial usage both as floating windows and as docked windows (through the Workspace editor). These are in early development stages and we are keen to get user feedback.

Other improvements

  • Viz Mosart’s keyboard shortcuts have been re-designed to make it clearer which keyboard key a shortcut applies to.
  • In the Overlay Graphics Interface GUI, the list of all handlers/destinations will now appear in a scrollable view if the number of handlers exceeds the size of the list view.
  • As with other recent releases (5.2 and 5.3), further improvements have been made to the Combined Manus Administrator, making the Settings windows more easily understandable and visually appealing.
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes have been made; full details of all changes can be found in the Release Notes.

Download to upgrade now

Active customers can download the installation files and release notes for Viz Mosart and related web apps from the Vizrt FTP site: /products/VizMosart/Latest Versions/VizMosart-5.4.

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