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Viz Mosart 4.1

Newsroom Control System Integration

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The release of Viz Mosart 4.1 added improved integration with newsroom control systems as an integral part of modern news production. As part of an on-going effort by Vizrt to deliver tools that benefit both users and system administrators, the incorporation of web-based tools offers flexibility that improves administration and usability of the production automation solution.

The newsroom plug-in is compliant with MOS based newsroom computer systems and provides an intuitive and very flexible approach for journalists to select desired templates, change relevant settings, and then drag templates into the stories they are working on.


With the implementation of an HTML-based architecture, deployment becomes extremely fast and efficient as there is no longer the need to install anything on individual newsroom computers. As a web compliant plug-in, journalists still have access even when using newsroom computer systems from remote locations.

In addition, a web-based dashboard application permits Mosart operators as well as system administrators to monitor the status of the system from anywhere in the production facility, not only from the control room.

Web browser access from anywhere on the network enables Mosart operators or system administrators to monitor the status of any Mosart connected device.

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A standard webserver links with the Mosart server and pulls templates as well as device status from the Mosart application. This makes it possible to present templates in the Mosart newsroom plug-in.

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Using a web based architecture offers friction free system upgrading for administrators whenever new versions are released, as the process is as simple as installing updates on the webserver linked to the Mosart server, making it easier for Vizrt to offer additional features in the future.

Viz Mosart Web Components 1.1.0

The installers can be downloaded from FTP: /products/VizMosart/Latest Version/WebComponents.

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