Enhance Your Vizrt Live Production Tools With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Enhance Your Vizrt Live Production Tools With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Broadcasters and content creators large and small are using AWS for their live productions to produce more content, better – all while lowering costs, reducing carbon footprint, and becoming more agile and innovate faster.

The Vizrt Live Production Solution is an award-winning cloud-first and NDI®-native live broadcast production solution that provides software-based real-time switching, graphics, and studio automation and enables core and on-demand peripheral studio production, controllable from anywhere in the world. When deployed on AWS, broadcasters enjoy all the capabilities they expect from Vizrt’s industry-leading visual storytelling tools with the additional benefits that the cloud offers.

When deployed using free-to-use Viz Now, the extended Vizrt Live Production Solution (including replay/slow-motion and 3rd party audio mixing and intercom) can be deployed into the AWS cloud in minutes, with no technical knowledge necessary, saving days of IT engineering time.

Vizrt and AWS are better together. Combining Vizrt tools with AWS Media Services really helps our customers exploit the benefits of cloud and remote production workflows. AWS is both an integral part of our cloud strategy and an inspiring R&D sparring collaborator. Ulrich Voigt, Global Head of Product Management, Vizrt Group

End-to-end live production tools available on AWS

The Vizrt Live Production Solution utilizes industry-leading software products including:

Viz Vectar Plus Logo

Viz Vectar Plus

The next stage of remote and virtualized production has arrived.
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Viz Mosart

Viz Mosart maximizes the potential of any live production environment, with the…
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Viz Trio centered transparent logo

Viz Trio

Viz Trio is the most widely, used, reliable, and powerful control application for…
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Viz Engine

Viz Engine is one of today’s most powerful real-time graphics rendering engines…
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Viz Now

Viz Now breaks down barriers to cloud by automating the secure deployment of end…
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Viz Libero centered transparent logo

Viz Libero

The most comprehensive turnkey sports analysis solution, powered by Viz AI…
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Viz one centered transparent logo

Viz One

Viz One is a centralized and scalable platform to ingest, manage, edit, and deliver…
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Viz Arena centered transparent logo

Viz Arena

Viz Arena is the leading image-based AR graphics and virtual advertising solution designed…
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When deployed using Viz Now, you can also automatically deploy tried and tested 3rd party tools into AWS, including:

3Play by Viz Now Logo - White

NewTek’s 3Play 3P2 by Viz Now for IP-native 4K, 8-channel input and 2-channel output replay and slow-motion


Harrison Mixbus VBM for workflows that require a full audio mixing console, seamlessly integrating into the NDI workflow


Telos Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP) for cloud-based intercom offering broadcast grade feature sets, browser-based soft panels, and Streamdeck-based simple physical panels

Key benefits of using AWS for your Vizrt-powered live productions

Deploying your Vizrt Live Production Solution tools in the AWS cloud enables:

  • Better cost management: far less up-front investment than traditional studio setups
  • Extreme scalability: react too quickly changing production needs by spinning up/down your Live Production instances as you need them
  • Incredible flexibility: easily access your cloud-hosted studio production tools from anywhere in the world
  • Being on-air, always: with complete redundancy and no single points of failure in AWS, you can be confident in your ability to remain on-air, always
  • Saves weeks of IT engineering time: deploy using Viz Now and your Vizrt and 3rd party live production tools are automatically deployed into your AWS environment in minutes, pre-configured and templated ready for use

Customer success stories

Case Study

UEFA grabs audiences on social media with Viz Libero

UEFA is going where the fans are, and using social media to highlight game action. In this article, learn about the type of targeted content that is giving UEFA outstanding results and reception from a new generation of soccer fans.

Case Study

Dødsing, breaks through barriers to cloud-based live production with Vizrt’s Viz Now

“Big broadcasters aren’t the only ones who can achieve higher-quality productions anymore. With Viz Now, we did not need specialized cloud engineers; a few buttons to click and we were ready with automated deployment”

Vegard Elgesem,
CEO, Trippel-M Connected Venues

Case Study

Vizrt helps Media.Monks pivot to cloud production to achieve best year yet during pandemic

“Having the ability to leverage this scalable platform to work the way we want is very empowering”

Lewis Smithingham,
Director of Creative Solutions, Media.Monks

Case Study

Sky Germany chooses cloud and Vizrt to deliver real-time 5G Bundesliga Handball Final

“…with the support of Vizrt, we were bringing the handball action very close to the TV viewer in unprecedented 5G transmission quality”

Alessandro Reitano,
Senior Vice President Sports Production at Sky Deutschland

Why choose Cloud for your live productions?

  • Attract and retain audiences by creating and delivering exciting and relevant in-studio or on-location content, produced from anywhere
  • Replace traditional hardware restrictions with cloud-hosted software freedom for greater flexibility, scalability, and redundancy in your productions
  • Keep viewers entertained by easily incorporating millions of NDI® sources for the most interesting content
  • Use the best talent for the show, every time, with studio control from anywhere
  • Easily and quickly adapt to the growing need to produce more live content and better stories with the same resources

Broadcasters have their heads in the Cloud – and are reaping the rewards for it

Better quality content, reduced climate impact, decreased time-to-market – exploring the benefits of cloud-based live production.


Cloud Sports Analysis

Viz Libero, powered by Viz AI, is the leading sports solution for data-rich analysis, fan engagement, and revenue generation.


What AWS services are available for your cloud live productions?

EC2 CPU and GPU instances for flexible, burstable computing and graphics power

S3 and EBS for reliable and inexpensive storage

NICE DCV for high-performance remote access

AWS Media Connect for signal contribution and distribution
(in addition to NDI®)