Italy-based production company deltatre and Vizrt partner for sports analysis and broadcast graphics.


Magma Pro powered by Viz Libero extends deltatre’s Magma typically used for TV graphics and tournament statistics, including tracking data, with the virtual graphic capabilities and 3D camera flights offered by Viz Libero.

Viz Libero, Vizrt’s 3D sports analysis tool, accesses the Magma Pro database to attach and display statistics to a player within the Viz Libero analysis clip. Apply tied-to-pitch graphics such as heat maps, or pointers to tag the players on the field. The integration of Magma Pro’s player tracking data allows for very-fast turnaround analysis clip preparation, as well as direct and easy interactive analysis by the studio expert. Magma Pro powered by Viz Libero enables a smooth and fast workflow for accessing the game events and video footage.

deltatre has been using Vizrt broadcast graphics products since 2004. deltatre uses several Vizrt products for their production setup. Viz Trio, Vizrt’s character generator (CG), is being used extensively for live production of all real-time graphics, including lower thirds, match-ups, and scoreboards. Viz Virtual Studio creates augmented reality graphics on set, providing presenters with a new way of highlighting key players and match-ups.

“This solution will make anyone’s coverage of the World Cup really shine,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, Vizrt CTO. “The mix of deltatre’s high-quality sports event data and production with our Viz Libero produces a system that gives viewers unparalleled insight into what is happening on the pitch. I can’t wait to see it live during the tournament.” 

The Magma Pro solution powered by Viz Libero will be unveiled for the first time this December in Rio de Janeiro in preparation for the upcoming Football World Championship. More information about the solution can be found at

About deltatre:

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