More control, perfect graphics, easy data: Viz Trio 4

Viz Trio 4 cover image

Bergen, Norway — 08 June 2022 — Vizrt the leader of software-defined visual storytelling tools (#SDVS), real-time graphics, and augmented reality today announces the fourth edition of Viz Trio.

Viz Trio 4 delivers a newer, customizable, intuitive interface that enables operators to adjust each Viz Trio to their own monitor set-up and preference and be first on-air without mistakes. The new improved data-integration also lets users set-up a live data source in minutes, streamlining the data-centric real-time graphics workflow – allowing data-driven stories to be told more easily.

“Viz Trio is critical to AE Live’s ability to deliver our services to our global customers. Its interface is intuitive and provides our operational team with the flexibility to manage a graphics workflow at some of the world’s biggest sporting events. Trio 4 takes things to a new level by offering a vast amount of new and improved customization options across the UI. These features will both help our operators better manage their day-to-day challenges and improve our service to our clients, who are always striving to improve their efficiency and workflows

Tom Hanson
Product Manager at AE Live

Customize for more control: Viz Trio 4 has a brand-new modern interface that makes the operator experience simple and faster, with fewer steps to get content on-air. For the first time, the operator can personalize and adjust the Viz Trio window components to suit their way of working and their set-up in the OB van or studio. Also, it can be operated from the cloud, in a virtual environment or on-site. This gives unparalleled agility and efficiency to any live broadcast.

DIY data-integration with Datacenter: With the most straightforward data integration process on the market, Viz Trio 4 enables operators to set up and execute content in minutes. With Viz Trio 4, it is now possible for any operator to play out real-time data graphics from scoreboard systems, saving time and resources. Furthermore, it supports Sportzcast and in the upcoming releases, the list of data providers will grow, removing the need for custom data development.

“Accurate graphics build trust and engagement with the audience, and viewers rely on them to deliver facts. The forward-looking capabilities in Viz Trio 4 build on decades of experience as the most reliable solution for on-air graphics on the market. Enhanced flexibility and useability, coupled with the possibility to connect data instantaneously and without technical knowledge makes Viz Trio 4 a game-changer for broadcasters everywhere”

Petter Ole Jakobsen
Co-Founder and Chief Innovating Officer

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